The Périgord  is in the Dordogne in the Aquitaine region of France. It is divided into four regions, the Périgord Noir (Black), the Périgord Blanc (White), the Périgord Vert (Green) and the Périgord Pourpre (Purple). The geography and natural resources of Périgord make it a beautiful, unspoiled region rich in history and wildlife.

The area is famed for its cuisine, the local specialities are food from to ducks and geese, such as foie gras. It is one of the areas of France where the truffle can be found. It is home to some famous wine producers, including the famed Bergerac (red and white) and Monbazillac.

Major towns in the area include Perigueux, Sarlat and Bergerac; There are Roman ruins in Périgueux which have been restored and the whole area is known as the ‘cradle of mankind’ due to its wealth of prehistoric sites, of which the most famous prehistoric site is the painted cave of Lascaux, whose depictions of aurochs, horses, deer and other animals date back some 17,000 years.